Government Of Telangana State Audit Department


Vision & Mission
To promote excellence in State Audit and Local Fund Accounting Services towards improving the quality of Governance in Local bodies and other institutions audited by State Audit Department.
To enhance accountability of all the 3 tiers in Panchayaths, Municipal Corporations/Municipalities, Other Local authorities and any other institution entrusted by Government of Telangana by carrying out audit, in accordance with the provisions of Telangana State Audit Act,1989.
Audit Department

     State Audit Department is the statutory auditing authority of Local Bodies and various other authorities in Telangana as listed in the schedule appended to the State Audit Act. This department works under the administrative control of Finance Department, Government of Telangana.. The power to issue charge and surcharge certificates on audit for the recovery of losses sustained by the Local Authority as disclosed in audit, is vested with the Director of State Audit vide section 10 of the Telangana State Audit Act,1989 and Rule 9 of the State Audit Rules,2000. The Vision of this department is to promote excellence in audit thereby improving the quality of Governance in Local Bodies. The department places the “Consolidated Audit and Review report’ every year in the state Legislature as per the statutory obligation under Sec 11 of State Audit Act. Its Mission is to enhance the accountability of the executives to the legislatures of the local bodies. This department in other words ensures financial discipline in all the Local authorities, hence the State Audit Department can be considered to be the watch dog on the financial transactions of Local Bodies and other Institutions.                

Functions Of the Department